Who we are

Patrick Shaw, CEO

Patrick Shaw is a veteran of the video game industry.  He has over twelve years of experience in a variety of senior roles (technical artist, producer, and designer) on projects such as the Star Wars and The Sims, and teaches video and serious game design at Michigan State University.  

Carrie Cole, Lead Game Designer

Carrie Cole is currently Lead Game Instructor at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Troy. Carrie has experience as a producer and designer on over a dozen projects and uses design research techniques to learn about target audiences.

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What We Believe

Games for Good

From learning what gun is best in the latest FPS or how to beat the toughest raid in your favorite MMO, we believe that all games are educational. It’s more a question of what we choose to teach in the games we make. There’s nothing wrong with mindless games per se, but we believe there’s also room for games that make us think, reflect, and grow.

Saving the World with Better Games

We firmly believe in the power of games to make the world a better place. We put our money where our mouth is: to show our support for improving the world and our community, 10% of our profits are donated to charity